Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why I Blog: The Alli Treatment Effect

The makers of Alli mention a treatment effect in their literature. As always curious, I searched the blogosphere for information and pictures. I came up empty of information, but replete with an idea for a new blog.

Yes, my curious companions, I blog elsewhere at a respectable place. A place full of puppies and butterflies. There I am not free to sate my curiosity. However, there's part of me that yearns for more information. I have such curiosity. I know there are others out there like me. Hence, this blog. Here, I plan to let loose.

So, with no Alli ill-effect pictures to be found, I became the experiment. The makers of Alli use euphemisms when discussing ill-effects with Alli. What happens when you take a tablet or two with a Chinese dinner? This Guinea Pig volunteered to find out.

This happens:

Yes, my curious companions, it appears somewhat as if someone replaced my intestines with the leftover grease from frying up 5 lbs. of ground beef. Yes, even the toilet paper was greasy. In fact, so oily it worked like a Pam-like prophylactic as I wiped; it greased my bum so well that there was nothing else to wipe off. It didn't hurt. It was explosive. It continued to be explosive through out the day.

So, in the end, I might be afraid to venture outside after eating, but it certainly made that Chinese food less deadly to my svelte hips.

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